Rivers State School-to Land Authority is a Parastatal of the Ministry of Agriculture, established in 1985 through the School-to-Land Law No. 4 of April 1985.


  • To promote self-employment amongst the youths in agriculture
  • To check the rising trend of rural-urban migration of school leavers and
  • To provide raw materials for industries
  • To boost increased food production for both local consumption and for export.


The vision of the authority is to create a new generation of young, energetic, enlightened farmers to replace the fast aging (and depleted rank) of peasant subsistence farmers.


The School-to-land Facility

 The authority headquarters is located at Rumuodomaya Divisional Farm, Obio, Port Harcourt. The main block has 40 modern offices, furnished and fitted with air conditioners, together with 2 Conference Rooms, 4 Large Classrooms, a staff canteen, and 100KVA sound proof generator, other facilities include plantain, cassava, vegetable and pineapple demonstration plots, a rabbitry, a poultry house and mini-feed mill.


Principal Contact Person

Mr. Douglas W. Chukwu, [MNIM]

Mr. Chukwu is the Acting Executive Director of the School-to-Land Authority.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Business Studies) from the University of Ibandan (1994) and Master’s Degree in Public Sector Management from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (2010). He became a full member of Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered) on 13th October, 2009.



S/N Project Title Location Brief Description Started Completed
1 Recruitment & Training of 3,869 young school leavers PHC Training in modern crops, livestock and fish farming 1985 2012
2 Settlement of some 545 trained young farmers on lands acquired by Govt. in the local council areas LGA’s Parcellation and allotment of land to young farmers 1989 2004
3 Renovation of 3500 birds capacity poultry house PHC Renovated for practical exposure of trainee farmers to broiler birds and table egg production 2009 2010
4 Renovation of livestock and fish feed milling house PHC Installed to teach trainee farmers mechanical animal feed production 2014 2014
5 Rearing of 2000 catfish etc. PHC To teach trainee farmers the art of fish production from fingerlings to table size 2014 2015



S/N Project Title Location Brief Description Started
1 Rearing of Layers PHC Table egg production 2014
2 Cultivation of one hectare of cassava PHC Cassava stems and tuber production techniques 2014
3 Rearing of Catfish PHC To teach trainee farmers the art of fish production from fingerlings to table size 2014
4 Cultivation of ½ hectare of Pineapple PHC To teach trainee farmers pineapple production 2014



S/N Project Title Location Brief Description To be Started
1 Engagement of 25 young school leavers PHC To be recruited for training in modern food crops farming/fisheries/aquaculture and livestock farming
2 Stocking and rearing of pullet chicks PHC To teach the trainee table egg production from brooding stage
3 Induced spawning of catfish PHC TO teach trainee farmers fish fingerling production
4 Renovation of rabbit hutch PHC To teach trainee farmer rabbit meat production