Agricultural Development Programme [ADP]

Rivers State Agricultural Development Programme was established to increase the agricultural production, productivity and income of smallholder operators and consequently, improve the living standards of the rural population. The Programme therefore emphasises the development of technologies for farmers in the areas of crops, livestock, fisheries, agro-forestry and gender specific activities of the rural dwellers. Rural farm roads, mini water schemes and linkage with credit institutions are some of the other activities of the ADP.

The Rivers State ADP was established on 17th February 1987, but it had legal     backing with the promulgation of Section 1 of Edict No. 1 of 28th April, 1988. It is a semi-autonomous, self-accounting unit within the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main objectives of the Programme are:

  1. To increase food and tree crops, livestock and fisheries production of the small scale fishermen in Rivers State and, consequently, to raise their incomes
  2. To help streamline the extension services and the inputs delivery systems
  3. To help improve the network of rural roads
  4. To make available safe potable water supply to the rural population and
  5. Generally, to improve the quality of life in the rural areas of Rivers State


Principal Contact Person:

Mr. G. W. Atuzie is the principal contact person for Agricultural Development Programme [ADP]. He hails from Rumuadaolu in Obalga and holds a B.Sc in Gen. Bus. Admin. & an MBA in Mgt.



  1. Root and Tuber Expansion Programme (RTEP) was carried out in Five (5) LGAs, namely Khana, Emohua, Etche, Degema, Asari-toru, Eleme and Gokana
  2. WAAPP-Nigeria started in Rivers State in 2014. Its spread is to all the farmers in Rivers State.The objective of WAAPP-Nigeria is to multiply improved seeds to the farmers so as to increase productivity. The Programme is expected to be completed in 2017.
  3. Cava II: Adding Value for Africa Phase II. CAVA II began operation in Rivers State this year 2015. The aim of CAVA II in Nigeria is to create by 2019, an annual demand for 451,248 tons of fresh Cassava roots to be supplied by small holder farmers. The Programme is expected to end in 2019.



  1. State and Expenditure for Results Projects (SEEFOR)
  2. Rivers State Youth Training Programme in Agriculture under RTEP and NPFS Programme